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I thought I had posted this next link...in fact I went so far as to tell two of you I had, then I checked I hadn't. So here is the website Wii have a problem which chronicles injures caused by playing the Wii.

Also I have an addition to my small business post. If you have lived in St. Peters a while you probably know about Paul's. donuts and ice cream. But if you don't, feel free to check them out.

Giz and I went to Border's today. Found three books I'm interested in to some degree.
1- Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
2- American Shaolin
3- What Would McGuyver Do?
If anyone knows anything about these three books or has a copy let me know. I probably won't be buying too many books for a while. Unexpected bills have attacked recently.

Anyway life has recently been Wii(I got a platinum in Cow Racing! (aka Charge!)), reading(finished Barack Obama's book (he'll probably want it back now)), and work (I'll be there tomorrow). Watched "I Am Legend" last night. Worth seeing but not great.

Tomorrow is student night at the the Kiel/Civic/Scottrade Center. You can get cheap lower bowl tickets to see the Blues and the Stars. (That's a big deal if you don't know hockey).

And now on to the news...

A soldier died in Iraq recently, he left a blog post with a friend in case of his death. You can read it here.

In related news, Rise in Female Suicide Bombers.

Way to go St. Charles*, fark.com is making fun of you. One of my ongoing goals in life..."Never be a Fark headline. *St Charles has been a Fark headline once before.

This website is showing what they consider to be the 25 best Calvin and Hobbes strips. Take a look back and enjoy the nostalgia. Also this article gets points for creative use of the phrase "My parents would have shot me in the kneecaps."

Evidently The Queen likes the Wii
ps. Giz wants it to be known she beat me at Wii boxing.

Okay movie time...today's category is awesome
From Apex Awesome Drag Race. Is it a drag race is one competitor leaves the ground?
Awesome Uncut Fight Scene. It may not be actually uncut but it gives the appearance it is, and I think it's impressive.
More Awesome Parkour. This video gives me ideas.

Also related to movies Good Omens. The catholic church will soon have another movie to protest. Good for them.

From our crime desk comes...
a mathematically puzzling case. How can you steal 42 things from a dollar store, and then be charged with shoplifting $132.07 worth of merchandise?
The NYC ninja bandit. Yes you read that right.

and from weird science (not the John Hughes film) we bring you
Hybrid Chocolate Strawberries This does not involve gas mileage nor a former baseball player.

Wireless transfers Your USB may soon be obsolete. How weird does that sound I just got used to carrying them everywhere.

Indiana Jones, and the Earth of Google?

Wow this ended up being a long post. Guess I shouldn't procrastinate so much.

ps Burger what was I supposed to get you?
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